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Contact us for additional information regarding price and feasibility on your custom project. Or click here to request a quote. We make every effort to reply to inquiries within one business day.

Our plant is located just north of I-696 on the north side of 11 Mile Road between Greenfield & Coolidge Roads.

Acme Tube Bending Co., Inc.

3180 W. 11 Mile Rd.

Berkley, MI 48072

PHONE: (248) 545-8500

FAX: (248) 545-8520

EMAIL: info@acmetubebending.com

Meet Chris

Chris Lyons, President of Acme Tube Bending, took the reins of his family owned business 10 years ago. As President, Chris continues to lead in the growth of the company and the assurance of customer satisfaction. A graduate of Michigan State University, Chris is at home in Michigan but loves traveling the world windsurfing. Chris lives in Berkley, MI with his wife and daughter.

Meet Jan

Jan Kaschner, as Quality Director, heads the office and scheduling for Acme Tube Bending. Jan's focus on customers' needs has led Acme's continuous improvement program, "JIT" shipments and compliance documentation. When not busy at Acme, Jan is having fun with her grandchildren or out working around her home in Birmingham.

Meet Mike

Mike Hall has been leading Acme Tube Bending's production floor work and Quality Assurance program since 1993. Mike's metal fabrication experience is extensive and he loves solving customers' tube fab needs. Mike is an avid NASCAR fan and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children at their home in West Bloomfield.