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What types of tubes do you bend?

We can bend any round metal or alloy tube from 3/16" to 3/4" outside diameter(OD). We typically work with materials that are low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. We do not bend shaped tubes (i.e.: square or oval) or highly exotic materials like 4130 or titanium. Our specialty is fluid line tube assembly.

What industries do you serve?

We serve many diverse industries including: Agriculture, Aerospace, Automotive, Appliance, Beverage, Computer Machinery, Construction Equipment, Diesel Engine, Electrical, Fluid Pump, Heating   Cooling, Heavy Truck, Lawn & Turf, Locomotive, Marine, Medical, Military, Motorcycle, Power Generation, Recreational Vehicles and Special Truck Industries.

Do you bend low volumes?

Low volumes are all we do, anything from 1 to 5000+ pieces. Our average order volume is approximately 100 to 500 pieces. Many of our regular customers only order once or twice a year. We do larger volumes up to 20,000/year with releases spread out over 12 months.

Do you do mandrel bending? How small a radius can you bend?

Yes, we do extensive mandrel bending and typically can bend down to a center-line radius of 2X the tube's outside diameter. Wall thickness and tube material (soft copper vs. 304 stainless) can greatly impact how small a radius we can properly bend.

Can you bend coils, circles or spiral shapes?

No, we do not have any "roll" bending machinery. We use rotary tube benders that will not allow closed shapes to be bent.

What do you need to prepare a quote?

We need your required round tube OD measurements (3/16" min. to 3/4" max.), the tube wall thickness (ex: .035", .049", etc.), material specification and we need to know if you want a welded or seamless tube. We will also need a drawing with all the center-line endpoints and intersections points for the tube along with the center-line radius for the bends. A simple X, Y, Z chart for the above dimensions and radii will work well. Please provide any known fitting and end-forming specs (SAE) if required.

Can you quote or copy a part if we don't have a drawing?

Yes. Send us your part or email a photo of the part with something in the photo so we can scale how big the part is. If we do make your part, we can also make a copy of your master for our inventory and for future orders.

How fast do you usually turnaround a quote?

Our average turnaround for a quote is within 1 business day as long as all requirements are clearly defined, the materials (tube or fittings) are common and we do not require an outside vendor/mill quotation for the tube.

How fast do you turnaround orders?

Our average lead-time is 3 to 4 weeks for finished work. If our schedules allow and at additional cost, 1 to 5 business days expedite services may be available.

What are your general part tolerances?

Part lengths up to 6" +/- .03" on endpoints, for part lengths 6" to 12" +/- .06" on endpoints, for part lengths 12" to 24" +/- .125" on endpoints, for part lengths 24" and up +/- .250" on endpoints. For bend angles: +/- 2 degrees, for bend locations: +/- .125", for bend radii: +/- .25" and for bend reductions up to 10% is typical.

What are your payment terms?

All first time customer orders are prepaid while we complete an order. With approved credit, our terms are Net 30. We can accept credit cards (PayPal) for the first prepaid orders if required.

Request a Quote

Request a quote for additional information regarding price and feasibility on your custom project. We make every effort to reply to inquiries within one business day.